vibes start transposing as if Bb instrument

tried searching for this, found some older posts about importing files, and this is not what is happening.

I am working on a score with two separate vibe parts and have them both loaded as ";Vibes ~soft (PED)";

when I adjust a pedal marking (i am using ______^) the notes on that entire stave will playback a full step flat. 

this has happened on both staves at separate time in different parts of the music.

when I look in kontakt player 2, clicking a note on the affected stave it shows the correct note in the keyboard being pressed.  I also checked the pitch adjustment and that is also staying at ";0";  the pitch wheel and the mod wheel are also staying still.

I am using Sib 6.1.0 and am using the 6.0a VDL template.

only solution I have found so far is closing Sibelius completely and reload all of the sounds and score.  just closing the file and reopening does not solve the issue.

any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated as it does get somewhat annoying every time I adjust a pedal marking I need to reboot Sibelius

Thanks in advance

Hi Rob,

Hmmm. That's not very handy, is it? Sorry to hear about the trouble.

Are you using Kontakt Player 2 within Sibelius, or perhaps are you using Kontakt 3 or 4?

My first thought was that perhaps somehow the pedal marking is invoking the pitchbend wheel in Kontakt Player, so it's good you thought to check that out. When you tested that, were you looking at the player while the file was playing, or just manually clicking on the note?

And not that you should have to adjust your writing methods, but for the sake of troubleshooting, can you check to see of other styles of pedal markings give you similar problems?

Also - just for good measure, it might be worth trying a different Vibe PED instrument (other than soft mallets). This may help determine if there's something wrong specifically with that instrument. Shouldn't be, but it can't hurt to check.

Another thing that may be worth trying: if you haven't already, I'd suggest updating your VDL library to version 2.5.2. This may or may not be the issue, but it's the most stable library release so far. As a reminder, this library version requires Kontakt Player 2.2.4 or higher.

You've given some good details, but it's still hard to deduce if this is a VDL patch thing, a Sibelius controller message thing, or a Kontakt thing. I'm sure there's an answer, but it may take a little more picking at. Let me know if you can fiddle with any of the above items, and we'll get it figured out.
THanks for the help,  this was an odd situation. 

I am not entirely sure that changing the pedaling was the whole issue as I have not been able to make it happen again.  I was switching to a media player and back (apple-tab) since I was writing to an mp3 of wind parts.  maybe some combination of commands caused this?

I too am still not positive if Sibelius was causing the issue or it was kontakt/vdl.  but something was getting crossed somewhere.

since my attempts to recreate the problem, I have updated to all the current versions of kontakt and VDL. 

I will post again in a week or so if I encounter same or similar issues.

I know this was a weird one, but at least it is out there if anyone else experiences the same problem.

Thanks again
Thanks for the update Rob. Hopefully it was something odd and unintentional that won't recur. If it does, we've got this topic started already, so we can go from there. Good luck!
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