Installing the Sibelius 6.0a template

I recently purchased the Sibelius 6.0a template. I downloaded the file and put the ";VDL_SoundSet_6.0a.xml"; file into the appropriate folder (/Users/your username/Library/Application Support/Sibelius Software/Sibelius 6/Sounds) like the tutorial/read me said. But i don't see a VDL template 6.0 in the instruments pane. When i tried selecting the sound set for VDL template 6.0a in the sound set for Kontakt Player 2 in the playback devices window, it only had ";(none)"; and ";Virtual Drumline 2";. (which is strange because i downloaded the VDL 2.5.2 library update)
        -Thanks in advance!
First issue: You need to make sure you're using the .sib template file that came packaged with the Sound Set. That is the file that contains the instrument mapping that is documented in the ";Mapping Diagrams"; section of the ReadMe.

Second Issue: Are you sure that you put the .xml file in the correct folder? If it was your first time installing, you should've had to create the Sounds folder. Never heard of someone not seeing the sound set available in the Playback configuration area. Also, the Virtual Drumline 2 sound set is the one that comes pre-installed with Sibelius and has no bearing on which version of VDL you have installed. The best way to make sure that 2.5.2 is your current version is by checking within Kontakt Player 2 under the instrument listing.
I did have to create the ";Sounds"; folder, where i placed the .xml file, and i checked Kontakt Player 2, and 2.5.2 is my current version of VDL.

I opened the .sib template file and selected file, export, manuscript paper. This seems to have worked because it has VDL template 6.0a in the manuscript paper, and when i go to ";change instruments"; i can select VDL template 6.0a and select any VDL instrument that i choose. However, i still do not see a VDL template 6.0a in the soundset in the playback configuration area....


Glad to hear you got the first issue worked out.

Second issue:
1) Have you updated to Kontakt Player 2.2.4
2) In Playback Devices, did you first create a new playback config by clicking new, then add Kontakt Player 2 from Available Devices to Active Devices?
3) Could you attach a screenshot (like the one I've attached here) full listing of your available soundsets? By default, you should have a listing of more than just two.
Sorry, i meant to include the fact that my Kontakt Player is version 2.2.4. in my last reply.
Here is my screenshot, hope it helps
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