Mallet roll expressions in Finale 2011

I entered the text expression ";rolls (tremolo) #89"; on the marimbas, and I'm pretty sure it's playing back the birch shaft sound. At any rate, it's not playing rolls. The ";rolls #109"; works.

The first one sets modulation to 91, the other to 97. Seems like both should work.
What's the reason behind multiple instances of these markings?

I'm using the 2010b templates in Finale 2011 on a Mac.
These are the following text expressions for the mallets and timpani category:

#163 = roll (tremolo) for xylophone

#176 = birch shaft strokes for marimba

#177 = roll (tremolo) for marimba

#183 = roll (tremolo) for timpani

The issue may be the result of you using the 2010 template with Finale 2011 and having to load the library. If you have opened the template file from within Finale 2011 all of the different VDL expression categories should be listed. Make certain that you are selecting an expression from the mallet/timpani category and when you click on an expression (before adding it to the score) look just above the edit/create buttons. Here you will see the specific instrument for which this expression was created.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions.
I didn't notice the descriptive text. Now it all makes sense, thanks. I was
using the xylo roll.
Glad to here the problem is solved.
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