VDL Template 6.0a unison BD Crush not working in non-LITE instrument

When I write a unison BD crush (notehead 48, center line on the staff) using the BassLine Manual instrument, the crush does not play back. The same notation does work for the Manual LITE, AutoRL, and VDL1 instruments.
Great catch, Joe!

It seems that the crush sample for the velocities 1-83 somehow got deleted from the ";BassLine Manual (MW KS).nki"; instrument file. If you have the full version of Kontakt, you can fix the problems yourself, though it'll require a few hoops to jump through.

[i][b]Important: If you want the fixed instrument file to be opened by Kontakt Player 2, you'll need to make the fixes using Kontakt 2. If you do so using Kontakt 3 or later, the file can't be opened by Kontakt Player 2.[/b][/i]

That being said, the solution is as simple as isolating the ";Reg Crush"; group in Instrument edit mode using the ";Select Groups Only"; button, copying the sample from the Manual LITE instrument to the Manual instrument, and adjusting the velocity range of the sample. If that's  all Greek to you, then perhaps it would be wise to wait for an official Tapspace fix.

Thanks again for reporting the deficiency, Joe :)
Yep - good catch here, Joe! There was a problem in the Bassline Manual instrument where lower velocity unison crushes weren't properly triggering a sample. I've noted the issue and it will be fixed in the next maintenance release. In the meantime, I'm attaching the updated file here so you can get back to business with it. To replace the ";bad"; file with this new one, just place this file at:

C:\Program Files\Tapspace\Virtual Drumline 2.5\Instruments\Drumline Battery \3. Basses

Sorry for the glitch, but thank you for shining a light on it so we could fix it!
Thanks for the fix.
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