Australian Music and Percussion

So I am writing for a program that is doing a theme of music of the world.  Australia is the continent of choice for the closer.  Other than the didgeridoo, what are some other instruments, rhythms and general characteristics of Australian music that I can bring out in the percussion book?  I am researching as well, but thought someone in here might have some insight.  Thanks in advance!
Well, the only thing I know about Australian music beyond the digeridoo, is that Australian composer Nigel Westlake is also a percussionist. You might be able to find something to help you by looking into his music.

Good luck!
I wrote a show similar to what you're talking about last year, Down Under.

Didgeridoo is great but can't be too long. My clients' judge tape said ";I'm having trouble finding the bassoons I hear, they are terribly out of tune";. :)

Bulllroars work great too and are easy to make. Other than that, you probably wouldn't get much credit for being authentic without having to overly explain it!

Should be a fun part though, man. The aboriginal ";Dreamtime"; leaves you open to do whatever style you want:)
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