Suspended cymbal staff style not working

I think I've had this problem in previous versions. I define a new staff style using suspended cymbals and then enter notes, and they don't map to where they are susposed to. Any simple reason for this?

I also notice in the Susp. cym map a lot of strange characters.

I'm using VDL 2.5 and Finale 2011 with the 2010b templates.
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Just to clarify,

The staff style you are using is one which you created and not the one supplied with Finale 2011, is this correct. The style supplied by Finale was created for the suspended cymbals found with the keyboard instruments and not the suspended cymbal rack combo found in the VDL 2.5.2 update.

I am not at my computer but my first thoughts are that you must specify the percussion map to which you are switching. Also is this from a pitched to non-pitched percussion staff or is the staff originally a non-pitched staff. This might make some difference but as I said I am not at my computer with Finale 2011. The fact that you say it shows strange characters is not mapped to where it should be leads me to this point.
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