finale 2007 playback issues with mac pro

Hey everyone, ive searched this forum for some related tips but couldnt find anything.

im running finale 2007 with vdl 2.5 and all the updates on a macbook pro.  I have vdl running as a plugin and when i enter the notes onto the staff, the sound plays through (for instance a snare drum).  i press play and the score plays through smoothly but no sounds come out.

any ideas?  thanks!
Are you using the Finale 2007 template? Also, this machine is an intel processor mac. The combination of the processor and operating system, which you have not mentioned, are probably the biggest culprits. It is the little details in describing your problem that will make it easier for us to assist you in solving them.

im using the template

specs are 2.4ghz with intel core i5.

im running on mac 0S X ver 10.6.4

thanks for patience
Finale 2007 is not supported for use with 10.6. If you go to the finale Support page and use the Knowledge Base there will be information regarding playback issues and difficulty during the installation process. Likewise, you should have used the updater patch for installing VDL and the Kontakt Player 2 on intel macs.

ohhh bummer, ok well theres not much i can do then, thanks
You can upgrade to Finale 2011. There have several significant improvements with regards to percussion and text expressions as well as other areas. The 2011 Tapspace templates will be available soon, which incorporate all of the improvements.

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