Cymbal Line sizzle

Ok...I'm trying to write just a regular sizzle for the cymbal line with no suck sound at the end.  I've tried pretty much everything I can think of.  I know that I'm supposed to use the open harmonic symbol to get a regular sizzle, but that's not working.  I've got Sibelius 6.  Any suggestions?
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Hi Andrew,

If you're having trouble getting the right sounds, generally the best place to check is your mapping diagrams that are in the Sibelius Template ReadMe. However, it sounds like you're just trying to use some of the articulations that were used in the Sibelius 5 templates. In the Sib6 template, the sizzle sound was changed from that harmonic/open hi-hat ornament to a tenuto mark. The notehead is still 12 (as it was before), but inserting the correct ornament there should get you up and running.

Good luck this Fall season!

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