Marimba High B and C playback

Hey all, I'm having a weird problem that I'm hoping someone might be able to help with. In Sibelius 6.2 (using VDL Template 6.0a and latest updates of VDL), I'm only getting every other note to play back on the highest B- and C-naturals in the Marimba Rosewood Hard LITE instrument. I'm guessing it's something to do with the AutoRL, but I can't seem to figure anything out to change it. It seems that all other notes work fine. Any ideas as to what might be the issue?


Good catch, Brian! Sounds like the Kontakt gnomes are at it again. Must've slipped out during some of the recent edits to the library. I'm sure they'll find their way into the next library update.

Thanks for bringing this to light!
Haha, okay. I'm sure I can find a way to cover it up for now and do what I need to do. Thanks!
In case anyone runs into this same problem and needs a way to ";fix"; it, I just added notes (the high B or C) before the notes that weren't sounding so the note I needed to sound was on the right hand. For example, I've got two high B eighth notes on beat 2. I add a high B on the last 16th note of beat one and the 2nd sixteenth of beat two. Depending on which hand it's on when it gets to that spot in the music, you may not need to add the first extra note. Hope this helps.

Sorry for not chiming in on this one yet, Brian. We're up to our chins in some cool new projects we'll be releasing at PASIC.

This is one of those embarrassing bugs that never should have been there, so it's a drag you've had to come up with this workaround. Another workaround for now, is that you can just use the regular Marimba Rosewood Hard patch (not the LITE version), and it should function fine. We'll have the LITE version fixed in the next library maintenance release.

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