Other instruments playing back as china cymbals

Ok...so I've got a pretty large score going on...and earlier today everything was playing back just fine.  All of a sudden, my impact drums and my zil bells started playing back as chinas.  I cannot for the life of me figure out what happened or how to undo it.  Is there a maximum number of instruments allowed that I've somehow reached?  Any help would be great...
Maximum number of instruments is only limited by your computer specs.

What are your specs and are you using Finale or Sibelius and Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt?
I'm using Sibelius 6 on a mac.  I'm not using the full version of Kontakt, at least I don't think so...
You can only have 16 instrument per instance of Kontakt Player, so if you have 2 instances, you can load 32, and 3/48, 4/64, etc.

Try going to Play > Playback Devices, then select each instance of Kontakt Player and click ";Show";. If they all have 16 instruments loaded, you might need to load up another instance from Available Devices because you've reached the max number of instrument per instance. Hopefully that'll get you back up and running.

If it doesn't you might be experiencing a quirk in Sibelius that we haven't found a solution to. If that ends up being the case, and adding another instance doesn't fix it, the best thing to do is transfer your music to a fresh copy of the VDL Template and continue on your merry way.

Hope this helps!
Thanks Bryan!  You're wonderful!
No prob, Andrew. Glad we you got you squared away!
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