Sibelius 6.0a Template Default?

Hey everyone!

I just recently updated to Sibelius 6.2, and got the template. Let me first start off by saying, AWESOME job! Love it.

Now, my problem is, whenever i input tremolo's on a part, they do not show up. They playback, but they do not appear in the score of individual parts. Maybe this is normal, but I haven't found anything to help me.

I'm not using a MIDI keyboard, I'm manually inputting all the notes, using my I-touch to input, and am manually changing the note heads.

Hope this is enough info so I can get going here!

Thanks guys
Sounds strange. I've never had an instance of tremolo markings not appearing, other than when having a problem with a weird issue related to the fonts Sibelius uses.

1) The first thing you could try is going to the Sibelius site and install the most recent version of Scorch, which contains all of the fonts used in Sibelius, then restart.
2) If that doesn't work, shut down Sibelius, go to your Font Book application, and disable all of the fonts in the families of Helsinki, Opus, Reprise, and Inkpen. Then re-enable them and restart Sibelius.
3) If THAT doesn't work, you'll need to go to [i]/Macintosh HD/Library/Fonts[/i] and delete all of the fonts listed in the last step. The run the Scorch installer again. This should fix the problem

Let us know how you get on.
It just fixed itself. It was weird.

I finished a score, saved it, closed down sibelius, went back the next day, and they were all there.

Probably just a fluke in my system or something.

All is well now
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