Creating a Pit accessory cart/stand from scratch!

Hello Everyone,

I have a small dilemma to figure out. I have 3-4 accessory percussion kids crowded right now because our old pit rack has gone to the bone yard! I wanted to build a simple rack to contain 2-3 cymbal mounts, mark tree, triangle maybe a few concert toms and possibly a small table. I have never done anything like this and wondered if anyone here has. I was thinking metal or PVC. Something that can be broken down easily/set up quickly. Let me know if you have pics or have seen/known someone that has been in this position!


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If buying one is out of the question, I would start asking around to try find a band dad who has any welding experience. You should be able to take an existing, commercially available cart or stand, give it to a dad with some expertise and see if they can ";get close.";

We had a dad about ten years ago who started rebuilding our keyboard frames. Then he started figuring out how to do bass and tam stands. Eventually, he came up with an ";everything"; multi-rack. Then... he quit his job and has been doing this professionally ever since.

Hope that helps and... good luck!
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