Buying Synthesizers

So I have been using Synths for the last 7-8 years in marching band and wanted to also share some pointers here as well. . .

So after doing this and seeing the crap my synths go through year in and year out, I have decided to do this differently the next time my boss says I can spend a lot of money. (Which I hope is sometime soon because my triton is about to bite the dust!)

Many of us are using the various flavors of the following synths:
Roland Fantom
Yamaha Motif
Korg Triton
Korg M3

After watching my 3 expensive synths be destroyed by heat, loading, unloading and the various other things that happen during a marching season, here is my plan for the future when I put these puppies to rest.

Step 1. Purchase 3 Casio CDP-100 - These are the cheapest weighted 88-key Keyboards on the market with a sturdy construction. (That I have found) 299.99 each
Step 2. Purchase The Quadra Merge by Midi Solutions 99.00
Step 3. Purchase my module of choice - Either an M3 or a Motif or the Roland (Pick your Poison)

Step 4. Purchase a Road Box to protect the module from the elements.

Run the 3 Casio Keyboards into your module of choice via the Quadra Merge and the quadra merge talks to the Rack Module.

Assign the individual keyboards to output on any of the 4 or more direct outputs of the module and you've got 3 MOTIF's, 3 Korg M3's or 3 Roland Fantoms. :)

THIS WAY . . . If one of your CASIO keyboards takes a DUMP you've only lost 299.00 and not 2k-6k which you would've put on the REAL synth.

ALSO if you wish to upgrade in the future to a new module. . . You can SELL your old module on Ebay or Craigs list and it will be in great shape. Just put the money towards the upgrade! :)

Hope this helps you guys in some way!

Good luck this season with all your marching band endeavors!

Also, if you are really in a financial bind and have an iPad (kind of an oxymoron) the DJ Sampler App works like a charm! (and its only $.99) We used it all season for voiceovers and sound effects and never had a problem.

[quote author=RGreen link=topic=3825.msg21528#msg21528 date=1313695491]
I would not use the synth as a sampler if you are needing to do what you are wanting to do. Is it possible. . . Yes. . .Is it easy to set it up. . .Not really.

I would purchase one of the two samplers below. . .run your samples from here and keep your synths dedicated to music instruments. It's also easier to manage on the board when you want to have multiple instances when you need to separate and balance the levels of music and text.

Easy Drag and Drop interface for importing samples and it's fairly rugged (student proof) compared to other samplers.

Hope the helps
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