Flams and Rim Shot Playback Problem

OK the problem that i am experiencing are the grace notes and the rim shots i am inputing on Finale 2011.
everytime when i input a grace note to create a flam, the playback makes the grace note and the main note itself have a huge gap between them. i tried lowering my EDU and also set my durations to a 64th note. also when i input for a rim shot it also plays back as a rim knock instead of sounding like the actual note itself. Are there any methods to make these functions sound like how they are suppose to sound. Please and Thank You For Your Assistance!
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Regarding the flam issue, changing the note duration will not affect the playback. Making adjustments to the EDU setting should. Make certain though that you are entering the flam as a grace note in simple or speedy entry and not as an articulation. The articulation graphics are just visual for the flam.

As far as the rim shot sound is concerned, you will need to use a Tapspace/Finale template to make sure that the VDL sounds are mapped correctly. If you are not using a template then you would need to do all of the mapping yourself. If you are using the VDLite sounds which come with Finale then check the Percussion MIDI maps. These can be found by looking in the Audio/MIDI tab.
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