Wanted VDL Engineer

Hello Tap Space / VDL Community,
I am looking for someone to help realize twelve world percussion pieces that are written in Finale through VDL.  All of the pieces are based on Brazilian percussion instrumentation.  Ago-go Bells, Snare, Shaker, Tamborim, Surdo, Bass Drum, Repenique, Cow Bell, wood block, Whistle etc.  I understand VDL doesn't come with all these instruments in the library but I think we could find good approximations with a little work.  Of course, if you have an additional library with these instruments, so much the better.  I see this project advancing in three steps.  First, to get a rough draft of the pieces through VDL.  Second, to Edit and clean up the pieces.  Third, to create a final version in VDL.  I am a percussionist not a composer so my compositional skills are not excellent.  I need to hear the pieces to correct errors.  For a sample of our music please visit http://www.joia.com/Joia%20Songs.htm  I do not expect an exact reproduction of our music just a close proximity.  Because this is not straight forward music and there are some editing and nuances that may need to be addressed I would be happy to travel (For the right person) to complete this project.  I currently reside in St. Louis, Missouri.  We can discuss the budget in email correspondence.  If interested Please contact me at:  joia1@worldshare.net    

Rick Kramer
Musical Director
JOIA: The World Percussion Ensemble
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