Pocket Percussion Teacher Demo Videos

Looks cool- can't wait to load it on my iPad.
Mr. Green-

This is by far one of the best made apps I have seen for music education.  I had been working on something similar for Android but it pales in comparison to how in depth this is. 

That being said, now I am wondering if you have any plans to port this app to the Android Framework?  I think it would be a fantastic product.  Please let me know your thoughts.

Keep up the great work!
A wonderful use of technology for education. Great job! When do you expect it to
go live?
We will release for iPad in December and Android in January. I submitted the app for review Sunday night around 1:15am. . . Just waiting to hear back from Apple. :) Thanks for the compliments! It makes the last two years of struggling through this thing all worth it!
REALLY cool app man!  Can't wait to see the full version on my phone...good stuff!!
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