VDL 2.52 Finale Marimba Synth Soft Lite (MW) out of tune?

Not sure if anyone has noticed this but I am arranging using multiple marimbas and I noticed that the Finale Marimba Synth Soft Lite (MW) instrument is a half step too high in comparison with the Finale Med and Hard instruments.  I tuned it to -1 but I was wondering if this was just my version of the samples going out of tune for some reason or if others had encountered this as well?  Please note, these are the new instruments tweaked for use in Finale, not the regular instruments.  Since the maintenance update is pretty new, I thought it odd that it should be out of tune so soon.  Thanks.

Todd - I think this is a problem with the actual instrument files themselves. We've recently seen this, but I believe the issue only appears when running the instruments in Kontakt 3 or 4. Still, the issue is at the root level of the instrument and the fix will be rolled into the next maintenance release.

I believe this affects both the regular and the ";lite"; soft synthetic marimba patches in VDL library 2.5.2.

Attached to this message are two .nki patches that (I think) will fix this issue. You'll need to download them, then replace the current files you have with them. It's important not to rename the files, and drag them to the exact location where the currently existing files live. Since the ";lite"; version lives in its own folder, be careful to place the files in the correct location. Once you do this, the next time you load the instrument, it should perform without the weird transposition.

In an existing project, you may have to remove the currently loaded synthetic soft marimba, then reload it for the changes to take hold. Hope this helps!
Thanks alot Jim, I will download and use these files.  By the way, I am using KP2, not Kontakt 3 or 4, and I hadn't noticed the problem using the regular (non-Finale) Marimba Soft Lite instrument in other arrangements, but I will check that out too and report back what I find in this post.

Thanks for the update, Todd. The Kontakt 2/3/4 versus Kontakt Player 2/3/4 issue is something I didn't verify fully, so that bit of my initial assessment may not have been 100% rock solid. Regardless, I'm pretty sure these updated files should solve the issue all around.

One last bit of info that may be relevant: They should work on Kontakt or Kontakt Player version 2.2.4 or higher. If you're using an earlier version of KP2, I believe you should be able to download an update by [url=https://www.native-instruments.com/?id=updates]logging into your account on the NI website[/url] and grabbing an update there.
Thanks again Jim .... I do have the latest available KP2.4.  Just wanted to report back that I tested the instruments Marimba Lite Soft versus Lite Medium, both the Finale specific patches and the regular versions, in KP2 standalone .... and they are properly tuned (no half step variation).  So I have to assume this is another Finale glitch when KP2 is plugged-in and has nothing to do with the patches themselves.  I have had occasional ";random"; transposition issues with Finale when copying from layer to layer or score to score in the past.  But, this is the first time I have actually tested the instruments in the plugged in KP2 (using the KP2 keyboard) were ";off";.  I'm just curious if and discovered they were ";off";.  Strange, but not the end of the world, to be sure.  Appreciate your time on this.

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