Tuplets in Sibelius 6

Hello everyone

Does anyone have a good recommendation for where I can get great advice on tuplets in Sibelius?  I'm attempting to input some very standard VERY simple tuplets into Sibelius and I keep getting messages saying ";Tuplet is too long"; or other messages.  I can explain in more detail, but I'm wondering if there is a thread where my issues may have already come up.

I was hoping for better playback and less headaches with Sibelius as compared to Finale.  I definitely have better playbacks, but the headaches are just as bad if not worse.  I never EVER had any issues with Finale and creating all kinds of tuplets.  I never took a class and I NEVER had to come onto the Tapspace forums for helps on Tuplets when using Finale.  However with Sibelius, I feel like I LIVE on these forums asking for help.

Please some write some software that is actually EASY to use!!!

Thanks everyone

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Check the Sibelius Reference. There's tons of helpful information in there about tuplets. You'll find this in the HELP menu in Sibelius. It's the ";Reference"; not the handbook.
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