Bucket Sounds

Hey everyone

I'm arranging for a bucket drumming group.  They have created a set of ";Bucket Tenors.";  They are set up just like a set up marching tenors, pitch wise and everything.  They want me to arrange the music so it ";looks"; like standard marching tenor music.  They also want me to use Virtual Drumline to create an audio file of my arrangement. 

I'm running Sibelius 6 and the latest version of Virtudal Drumline on a Mac.  I'm using the most current version of Snow Leopard.

How can I create realistic bucket sounds using Virtual Drumline, while still notating it like a set of marching tenors?


It's not exactly ideal, but tuning the BassLine instrument up about 9 half steps (9.0 on the tuning dial in Kontakt or Kontakt Player) presents about the closest I think you might get. I didn't do much experimenting beyond that, but it might work for you.

That tuning won't save, so you'll just have to go in and set that whenever you open your project.
Once again Bryan, you are the MAN!!!!

Thanks a bunch.  This was very helpful.

I also tried tuning DOWN the tenorline sound.  It's a very different sound, but sort of falls into the ";bucket"; family.

Thanks a ton Bryan.  Much appreciated.

I aim to please. Glad that helped!
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