Correct Timpani Notation

I am arranging a percussion ensemble. I am using Finale 2011 on a PC with Windows 7.  One sound that I want is the ";spooky glissandi roll"; sound for timpani. The sound is assigned to keyboard note E6. I assigned the sound to channel 18 and layer 2 of my timpani staff in Finale. When I enter a note in the timpani staff on layer 2, I get the correct sound, but of course the note is placed on the E6 note and is about a dozen ledger lines above the timpani staff. When I try moving the note down into the timpani staff, it reverts to the sound assigned to the note I move it to. How can I place the note within the timpani staff and still get the sound I want? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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If anyone wants to know how to do this, insert the timp roll into Layer 2, Hide Layer 2 via a staff style, and enter a normal note into Layer 1 where you want the note to display.  Set the note in Layer 1 to have a Key Velocity of 0 via the MIDI Tool.
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