Virtual Drumline sounds! HELP!!!

I am currently running on windows 7 and am using Finale 2010. I currently bought Virtual drum line a few weeks ago and it sounds great. I even bought the template from the tap space website. Their were a lot of things i was confused about with the program at first, but i understand now. But there is only one thing keeping me back from writing battery music. All the sounds for the battery percussion are fine;however; something is wrong when i write in ";diddles";. When the snare music is playing back it is the correct snare vdl sounds, but as soon as it gets to those diddles. The sounds changes. All of a sudden the diddles sound incorrect. The rhythm is correct. for example, if i have 4 eighth notes it will sound like 2 sets a sixteen notes, but it sounds like its hitting either a cymbal or cowbell. I'm really not sure why the sound changes for the diddles. Is there a way to adjust the sound for accents? This same problem happens with tenors and basses. All the sounds are just messed up for the diddles and i really need to get it fixed as soon as possible so i can begin writing music.
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Are how are you entering notes? It sounds as though you may not be using a midi keyboard and the second (rebound) note is going in as a different pitch. To add accents you would use the articulation tool. If t his is your first adventure with Finale or any notation program I suggest you read the manuals, view the tutorials and explore the online help guide.
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