Sibelius 6 playback devices are missing!

I posted in the general discussion forum yesterday but thought I might have more luck posting here also.  Here's my dilemma...

Today I opened up Sibelius 6 - I use it everyday with VDL 2.5 - and all of the available devices and active devices were gone from the Playback Devices screen!  I saw that ";asianDRUMMER"; has a post on the same issue but it was never responded to. The only thing that I can think might have triggered this is that I installed some routine updates for my Macbook this morning.  That has never changed anything before though... Has anyone had this happen to them before?
Hi Adam,

On a Mac, you should be able to see what AU (audio unit) plugins are installed on your machine by looking here:

Macintosh HD>Library>Audio>Plugins>Components

The files located in that folder are usually listed with a [b].component[/b] suffix in the filename and this is where [b]KontaktPlayer2.component[/b] usually lives. If you're seeing that's there, but it's not showing up in Sibelius, you may want to open Sibelius's ";Audio Engine Options"; window (accessible from within Playback Devices) and do a ";rescan"; of your Virtual Instruments and Effects.
Hi Jim,

The KontactPlayer2.component file is exactly where you said it usually lives. When I selected Audio Engine Options, however, I couldn't find any option that would allow me to scan or rescan anything.
Attached is what I was referring to. If you do the re-scan and Sibelius still isn't recognizing your virtual instruments, you may want to check with Sibelius support. I'm guessing this may have happened to others at one point or another, and perhaps they can offer a quick solution for you. Keep us posted though!
A few people I help with tech things have had this problem. It usually stems from starting Sibelius when a Rewire Application (Garageband, Logic, etc) is open in the background. The solution is to make sure that you've closed those programs fully, and then open Sibelius, then do- Play > Playback Devices > Audio Engine Options > Clean up. Then close Sibelius, and open in back up. Should be fixed at that point!

Hope that helps!

Thank you, Jim and Matt, for your help.  It still hasn't worked though... When I go to Play>Playback Devices>Audio Engine Options the screen that comes up is not the same as the picture Jim attached or the picture in the Sibelius 6 reference.  Ah! I'll be getting in touch with the Sibelius support. Here's what does show up when I select Audio Engine Options...

That's odd. That looks like the ";instruments"; window. If you haven't already, be sure to update to the latest maintenance release. If that's the window that appears when you select ";audio engine options"; there's definitely something wonky going on with Sibelius. Let us know how you get on.
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