"Dystopia" minor errors.

Early copies of the concert percussion ensemble "Dystopia" contain a minor typo in measure 89 of the Military Drum part. In this measure, only the first note should be played. There should only be one note in measure 89 which releases the previous bar.

Our apologies for the minor glitch!

Also, as cool as the Midwest Clinic is, it was not running in the year 208 as the program notes incorrectly state. This piece actually premiered in 2008. What's 1800 years among friends? ;)
One other minor error that's recently come to my attention (thanks for catching this, Joe!):

In m59 the toms part mimics the left hand of the marimba melody. There are notes on the first two eights notes of the measure.

When the melody repeats at m67, the toms don't have those first two notes, but they should. They were mistakenly left out of the score.

Apologies for the error!
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