VDL2.5 work without 1 or 2? Work with Finale 2007?

Do you need any other version of vdl in order to use vdl 2.5? Also, can i use vdl 2.5 with finale 2007?
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Hi dodds, welcome to the forum.

No need to set up a poll, as you will always receive an answer to your question in some way, shape, or form.

1) VDL 2.5 is its own beast, so you don't need VDL1 or VDL2 to use 2.5.
2) it will run just fine with Finale 2007, and will work even better in conjunction with the  Finale 2007 template (https://www.tapspace.com/downloads-finale-templates).

Also, more description subject lines for topics are better, as they'll give better indication as to what your thread is about. For instance, I've renamed yours ";VDL2.5 work without earlier versions? Work with Finale 2007?";  
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