Groove3 is Pretty Sweet!

What's up TP forum readers?  Hopefully this finds you all having an amazing weekend, and looming for the holiday break....well, for educators anyway....

Hopefully somebody on the forum will find this info useful...

Ok, I think this may have been posted on here before, but I wanted to fill you all in, if you don't already have any prior knowledge of the site.  Simply put, IT'S AMAZING!  It literally makes your life easier.  They are the first to offer training videos specifically targeted to the pro audio community via online access and the first to offer bi-monthly video content updates for their members. They also offer the most options for purchasing training videos, such as on disc and digital download from their site, as well as ";off the shelf"; from select retailers.

It also features some pretty in-depth tutorials on Mixing, Micing, Mic selections, mic position, cutting/rolling off eq frequencies, and all other types of digital audio was only 99$ for an entire year, and it has already paid off, both financially and mentally!  haha...  Here are some cool features on the site:

Ableton Live, Auto-Tune,BFD,Cubase, FL Studio,IK Multimedia,Kontakt (I USE A LOT),Logic (I USE EVERY DAY!, NO JOKE),MainStage, Melodyne,Music Theory,Pro Tools, Production (I USE A LOT),Reason,Reaper,Recording & Mixing,Sonar,Soundtrack Pro,Studio One,Superior Drummer 2,Waves

Once you select one of those options, it expands multiple tutorials from learning the program out of the box, to mastering, manipulating, re-mapping, and so forth!  Well worth the $, and some added insight for experienced users.
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