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Hello all

I have a question regarding the use of the modulation wheel to use the different sounds.

I'm using the TenorLine Manual sounds.  I have a measure where I'd like to use the SHOt sounds on drum 4, and then use the RIM sounds on drum 4.  I know how to switch sounds on the modulation wheel.  But during playback, it will only play what the modulation wheel is currently set at.  So it seems when I set the modulation wheel to the desired sound, that particular sound is not ";locked"; in to what I originally chose.

How can I LOCK in the desired sound, using the modulation wheel so the playback is accurate?

I'm using VDL 2.5.2 and Sibelius 6 on a Mac.


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If you are using the VDL Template then you don't have to worry about exactly where the mod wheel is. The template is designed to handle all of that for you. See what I wrote to you in this thread:


You may also want to go to the [url=]video tutorials page[/url] and view the video called [b]Noteheads [/b] (scroll to the bottom of the video list). Feel free to watch the two above this one while you're there.

[b]Disclaimer: [/b] the Noteheads video was made using VDL Template 5.1. VDL Template 6.0a uses a different R/L sticking methodology. Again, review the mapping diagrams pertinent to whatever template you're using.
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