MIDI Channels and multiple VDL sounds on one instrument (Sibelius 6)

I have the most current version of VDL, Sibelius, and OSX.  I am currently writing a drumline score that requires the use of a ";pod-station"; setup for each mallet player in the frontline.  For example:
Marimba 1 require the following instruments:
Marimba, brake drum, sus cym, china cym, opera gong, snare drum, crash cymbals.

How can I create the correct sound setup for each staff in Sibelius 6?


I should note that I know about instrument changes.  However, the part requires the player to play multiple instruments at a time.  For example opera gong and snare, snare and marimba, marimba and opera gong, etc...  Because of this the instrument change tool does not seem to provide any solution.

Please help.
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The solution typically recommended for this problem is to create multiple staves in your score - usually one for each instrument in each pod, and then a staff for notation. You can then hide the staves that exist for playback purposes, and only show the staff for notation. Turn the volume all of the way down on the notation staff by adding the expression text ";C7,0"; at the beginning of the score.

I've never done this when scoring for true ";pod style"; percussion setups, but I've implemented simpler applications when I want a player to hit two cymbals at one, for example.
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