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I am using Finale 2010b, with VDL2.5 and the most current VDL template. The template doesn't have all of the instruments I am writing for, so I am adding them using the ";staff wizard."; My only problem I have is that now the staff names are different. The font for the instruments in the template are 18pt and the ones from the staff wizard are only 14pt. I can't seem to find a way to make them the same -- any ideas?


Staff Tool > Edit Staff Attributes > select the staff you wish to edit > to the right of the staff names (full & abbreviated) > Edit > Staff Tool changes to a Text Tool

From here select the text/staff name > change your fonts, size and characteristics
Wow... I didn't even think about that. Feelin' kinda stupid now lol.

Thanks very much!
You can also do this globally with the Global Staff Attributes plug-in.
Thanks Justin. I had forgotten about that new addition.
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