Bass/Tam Tam Combo Question

Hoping this won't be too stupid of a question...

With the BD and Tam Tam Combo... The bass is on octave 0 and the tam tam is on octave 1 -- how do I get a unison bass/tam tam hit?
Are you using Finale or Sibelius?
Sibelius 6.
What keyboard are you using?  We need more information to be able to help you out.

The open bass hit is D4 and tam tam is F4 in my mappings.
Korg Nano.

I'm using the default mappings that come with the VDL/Sibelius template that I purchased, which I'd like to maintain since the keymap pdf is a resource I constantly reference...  It just has the gong and bass in different octaves.

If I place a bass impact and switch octaves via my octave buttonto add a gong impact, it overwrites.  It just seems odd to have a combo where it's difficult to use the instruments in that combo that are very often used together.

What other information would be helpful?
You can also enter one note (perhaps the bass drum hit) then use the top row of numbers to add the gong hit. In this cae, you'd press 3 to add it on the space above the bass hit. To get the correct notehead, you can either select it from the Note section of the Properties panel, or by using the notehead-changing keyboard shortcut. That shortcut is Shift+Alt then press the notehead number using the top row numbers. In this case, it's 1, but for double digit numbers like 12 you would just press 1 then 2 right after it, without much pause between the numbers.

Hope this helps!
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