Licensing questions (legal jargon)

So I work at a small company that makes iPhone apps. If we were to buy VDL, can we use sounds from it in our apps?

Also, would we just buy the normal license, or is there a special license we'd need to buy?

Thanks in advance :)
Only if the sounds were being used to create your own sequence of music. If you were using one sound at a time, it wouldn't be permitted. For instance, if your app was showing a graphic of a snare drum, and you were using samples from VDL that triggered each time a user tapped on the snare drum, essentially, you'd be repurposing VDL samples into your own library of sounds, which is not permitted in the license agreement.

If, however, you had a piece of music that was created using sounds from VDL, the license agreement would allow for the free use of that music within your apps. No problem!
Understood. Thanks a lot!
If you end up creating some music with VDL for your iPhone app, please feel free to post about it here on the forum. I'm sure a lot of VDL users would find it interesting, and we're always excited to hear how it's being used.

Good luck!
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