Vdl finale 2009 help

Hey guys, I recently got virtual drumline 2.5 to go with my finale 2009. I installed then all correct and followed the directions in the manual. I can't seem to get any Vdl sounds to come through finale, I never thought this program would be as complicated as it is. I have tried countless times only to end up frustrated and worried I wasted my money. I bought the finale 2009 temphlet hoping this would fix my problem with no luck. If anyone could help me set this up properly I would appreciate it so much!

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In order to help solve your problems, it would be beneficial to know exactly what you have done up to this point. What have you installed and where have these items been placed on your computer? What are you computer specs (operating system, audio interface, etc.)? Are you using the most current versions of VDL and Finale 2009? What steps have you taken to solve the problem prior to posting on the forums?
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