Finale 2010, VDL 2.5, Buzz Rolls

Hello Everyone,

I use the hardware stated in the subject and am having trouble finding a buzz roll sound for snare drum. If anyone can help me fix this I'd appreciate it greatly. Thank you.
Are you using one of the VDL templates? Are you using a MIDI keyboard? Simple or Speedy entry? Have you looked at the documentation which came with VDL?

The documentation shows where the buzz rolls are mapped. Using a MIDI keyboard will help in entering notes. And, the templates have all of the mapped sounds laid out for easy entry.
I am not using the template, and I am not using the MIDI keyboard, although I have one and am having trouble setting it up. And I have looked at documentation. I am also using Simple Entry.
I'd recommend you consider using the template. It's not required, but without it, you're going to have to spend a lot of time mapping out the staff style for the various sounds found within that snare instrument yourself. Multiply this by the number of other staves you may be using in your score and you may find your time is worth the small fee for the template.

If you decide to go this route, templates are available [url=]here[/url].

I'd also encourage you to get your MIDI keyboard configured. Typically, it's not too difficult, but if you haven't done it before, it may seem intimidating. Stick with it. You'll probably find it was worth it. If you end up using your MIDI keyboard, speedy entry is typically the method of choice.
What is the correct way for setting up the MIDI keyboard then? I plug mine in, the ";korg"; symbol lights up then I try using it and nothing works. Or is there already a post for setting up the MIDI keyboard?
And, I have the templates, they just don't show up when I open Finale and try to look for them in there. I have to manually open the template file from my desktop.
Have you gone through the Read Me for the template? It is included in the template folder. That should assist you with opening and using the template.

As for your MIDI Keyboard issues, have you tried this article?

As for the keyboard issue, that's related to Finale, not VDL.

However, to choose your keyboard as the default MIDI input device...
1) Go to MIDI/Audio -> Device Setup -> MIDI/Internal Speaker Setup
2) In the Input Device column, click the first box and choose your keyboard. If the computer is detecting the keyboard as ready to use, it should be listed there.

as for the template, the .mus file will alsways have to be opened manually, so there's nothing weird going on there.
Thank you so much for your help! I know have the midi keyboard set up and working fine. I can not thank you enough, I appreciate  your help and everyone else that posted to help me.
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