Internet phone service?

Does anyone have any experience, opinions regarding
Internet phone services like Ooma, Vonage, or Magic
Jack? We are a MAC family currently with DSL Internet access
and getting ready to switch to cable Internet service.  Also
thinking of switching from DirectTV to basic cable.  We have
Bellsouth land-line phone service. Any thoughts on the Internet phone
service would be appreciated.

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Hey Neal,

I used Vonage for about 3 years and was really happy with it. Switched to the local cable company's phone service when we moved up here to Louisville because it wad cheaper than Vonage, and was consolidated with the cable bill. I'd never think about going back to a regular land line again.

The only downside to dropping traditional Ma Bell phone service it that you won't have a phone line during emergencies where the power goes out. Technically, you cell will still work, but you'l regularly receive fast busy signals, meaning that the network is at maximum capacity.

All that being said, I wouldn't hesitate to go with the cable company's phone service. Long distance calling is always included and the call quality is normally pretty clear.

Wow, that sounds an awful lot like one of those Vonage ads :)
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