Mac: TotalFinder = Finder with Tabs

I got tired of dealing with tons of Finder windows in Mac OS, so I decided to search for a more tidy solution. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon [url=]TotalFinder[/url]. The amount of clutter this app clears up is awesome. Hope someone else on here is able to find the same sense of decluttering when dealing with multiple Finder windows :)
I think I got this on MacUpdates promo a few months ago.  Really like it.  A site for some good software (not including the Mac App store now) that they put on sale is  I've bought WAY too much from this great promo site.
Thanks Bryan! This is gold and well worth the price! I've had the same issue with OSX!
It's not free, but it's well worth $15/$30 for the single/triple license.
awesome.  thanks for sharing.  I'm downloading now! :)
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