drum rolls drum rolls(screaming)DRUM ROLLS

Good day my fellow VDL isers. I am having the hardest time getting my drum rolls to play in Finale 2009. I am running VD2.5 Windows 7..yes,I have the updated template,etc etc. I have tried everything that i can think of from turning human playback to Marching Band,to adjusting the settings. The only roll it will play is a buzz roll which I do not need. It actually sounds more like a dirty line of snares. This is so discouraging..ANY help will be greatly aprreaciated,thanks.

Before someone jumps on me,yes, I did search this site for a similar topic and couldn't find it.
Try turning off Human Playback and using the TG Tools Plugin instead.
Ok will do,how do I find that?
In Finale's Help menu, select User Manual. This will open up a document in your web browser that will allow you to search for anything you need help learning about. In the ";Search"; feature, simply do a search for ";TG Tools"; and you'll find a bunch of information there. Same thing for ";Human Playback."; Using this as a helping hand should help you in learning the various intricacies of the software.
ks a million sir!!! God Bless...hands down...I gotta get a MAC!!!!!!!!!!
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