Sib 6 & Kontakt Player - saving pitch, EQ, etc. edits

Hi Tapspace forum,

I'm working on a score where I've modified the pitch, EQ, etc. of certain instruments via the Kontakt Player interface. I want to make sure these attributes save with the score. Do I have to save a seperate file and recall these later, or do these things save as part of the .Sib file? I've never done this before...

I'll just leave the file open until I get an answer... :)
Joe, unfortunately, any changes you make to instruments in Kontakt Player are not saved as a part of the Sibelius file. The only thing that really gets linked to the Sibelius file, that's not actually in it, is the Available Devices that were loaded into the Playback Configuration associated with the file. That also means that if you load any effects into the Effects area of the Playback Configuration, the default presets for those effects will load, not the ones you loaded.

I'm going to put together a tutorial on how to add your own adjusted VDL instruments to your template, but it's not an urgent issue at the moment.
I played around a bit and it looks like I accomplished what I wanted to do by
1. Creating my file based on the VDL Sibelius 6.0a template.
2. Making the EQ/pitch/etc. changes in Kontakt Player 4.
3. Saving a multi from KP4.

Then when I want to start Sibelius at a later time I:
4. Open the saved Sibelius file.
5. Load the correct playback configuration and click on a note so that the sounds are loaded.
6. Opening the saved multi in KP4.

One situation where this failed was moving between my Sibelius/VDL install on my wife's laptop (which uses Windows 7) and my desktop (which uses Windows XP); when I went to load the multi (saved in Windows 7) in Windows XP, KP4 couldn't find the appropriate sounds since the install path for VDL differs between my two systems.
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