Percussion Maps.

Just got VDL 2.5 but finale 2009 is using old maps from the VDL lite. I need the maps for 2.5....writing out the music is weirds cause I cant distinguish where a rimshot is or a stick click etc..... Can someone give me advice on this? It's getting really frustrating when I cant find where a single dead center snare hit is -_- as well as getting all these sounds I dont need. To be clear, where can I get the maps that can make my compositions look and sound like this? [url=][/url]
The video you're referencing is using Sibelius for notation. If you're using Finale 2009 and you want the mappings for the full version of VDL 2.5, you can either create them yourself, or purchase a [url=]VDL Template for Finale 2009[/url].

If you decide to use the template, be sure to spend a little time reading the included documentation to gain a better understanding of how it's intended to be used.

Good luck!
OK, I will probably download the templates. There should be tutorials on how to create templates yourself on the internet correct?
I'm sure you could probably find information somewhere in the Finale documentation about how to create your own custom maps. However, Ted and Hugh (the creators of the Finale and Sibelius templates, respectively) and anyone ho is involved in the creation of such an undertaking can attest to the fact that hundreds of man hours go into the creation of these things. You would honestly be better off just spending the $10 and customize them to your liking.
Yeah thats what I thought. Oh and I also have Sibelius 4. Percussion maps work fine, however tenor, bass, and cymbal playback are a lot more quiet than the snare. I have all of them set to 127 volume but still no dice. Any tips?
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