Grace note playback

How do I set grace note duration in Sibelius 4
I'm going to presume that you're referring to the space between your primary note and grace note. You can approach in in a few ways:

1) Just drag the grace note closer or farther away from the primary note.

or 2)

A quick search for flams or grace notes would have provided some pertinent results. Make sure you actually search for answer using the search feature before posting new topics. Most questions have been answered in pretty great details at some point or another.

Hope these tips help!
Also, if you have a question that's specific to another product like Sibelius or Finale, your first step would be to check their user manuals (assuming you're a registered user). A quick search for 'grace note' or 'flam' in either product's user guide will give you plenty of helpful information.
Ah I see, thank you and forgive me for being so ignorant. First time on these forums. I will make sure to keep this in mind however.
I followed your grace note link. However I am still getting that ka-tak sound.
-Once you have your grace note selected, check the Live Start Position checkbox, which can be found in the Properties window under the Playback tab.
-Set the value to a relatively small number. Try -12 for example. If that sounds too open, make it closer to 0, until it suits your preference. If it sounds too tight, make it farther from 0.

If you do this, as I suggested in previous post, you should at least be hearing some difference in your grace note spacing/flam interp.
I do not here a difference at all. I set it to -12 sounds to open, set it to 0 sounds the same :(
Nevermind, it was an error on my part. When I set the LSP I guess I forgot to leave the box checked. It works however :D
Oh, one more thing. You know how you select the note to put on the do I get back to using the selection arrow for lets say copying measures etc...
Escape key.
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