VDL 2.5 with Windows Vista (64-bit)

Hello Forum,
I just recieved VDL 2.5 and as I was reading throuh the ";Getting Started Guide"; I realized that the Windows Vista 64-bit operating system isn't listed under the system requirements. Before I attempt to install VDL 2.5, is it even compatable with the Windows Vista 64-bit opearating system?
Welcome to the forum.

I'm not totally sure about the Vista 64-bit specificity part, but I'm running it on Windows 7 64-bit without any troubles.

Do a search in this forum for ";vista"; to find out more.
Indeed, you should be just fine in Vista 64-bit. The VDL ";Getting Started Guide"; was actually created before 64-bit systems were as common as they are today.

Once you've installed, I would recommend making all the various software updates for Kontakt Player and the VDL Library updates.
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