Installing files for Finale 2011 Template

I think this may be an easy fix, and that I am simply missing a step.  I have installed all of the files for the Finale 2011 templates.  I have followed the readme file step by step.  When I open a new file using the outdoor template and I go to window>instrument list, the xml files do not show up under perc midi map.  It only shows the maps that come with Finale 2011, i.e. the VDL lite maps.  I copied the xml files from the template folder to the ";midi device annotation"; folder as instructed in the readme file.  Like I said, I'm sure I'm just missing a step. 


I'm on Windows, so I am not sure of the file locations. Can you see the Finale supplied XML files in the folder where you copied the Tapspace files. Also, you may just need to restart Finale or even restart your computer to get Finale to see the new files.
That's the ticket.  The system restart did it.  I love it when it's something so simple. (said with just the slightest amount of sarcasm)  Thanks so much for the advice!

The problem was that Finale didn't look for them AFTER you put them in the folder.
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