Tapspace App is coming to the iPhone and iPad`

Looking for beats from the best marching percussion composers of our time? There will be an app for that!

Just doing some touch ups, content reviews and quality control, but it should be available by the end of the month. If all goes well we will have a demo of the app available for preview at TMEA. Hope to see you there!

The apps first releases will be
Double Beat 9000[/b]


[b]Flash Gordon Henderson

The app will also feature video Kick starts with Murray! 

Tapspace will be the [b]FIRST[/b] music publisher (of any kind to my knowledge) to bring their music and instruction to the mobile platform. Cheers Jim and Murray! :-)
Cheers to you, Robbie! We're excited about being on board with PPT and all the cool ideas you have rocking with it!
Is the Tapspace app going to be incorporated into PPT or it's own stand alone app?

Regardless, it is NO surprise to me Jim & Murray would be the first publisher to get in on something like this...
Inside PPT. . . Everything will make more sense summer after I integrate some new options. . .
Gotcha Robbie!  Thanks man!!
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