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Hey everyone

I have been using VDL for a year or so now, and with some frustrating learning curves, I think I'm getting the hang of it.

I typically use an M-Audio 25 key Midi keyboard for inputting the VDL sounds.  I will be doing a good amount of traveling over the next few months, and I'd like to learn how to input the correct noteheads and sounds without using my Midi Keyboard.  There will be times where I won't have the time or space to set everything up.  I may only have my laptop. 

I did a bunch of searches on the Tapspace tutorials, as well as the forums, and could not find anything that would help.  I'm guessing there are instructions buried somewhere in the thousands of pages of documents that come with all of this software.  Even though I may be able to find the answer, I'd rather just post the question here instead of digging for the next few DAYS.

I'm running Sibelius 6, with VDL 2.5.2 on a Mac using OSX 10.6.6

From the Readme:

[u]Inputting Notes - Without a keyboard[/u]

If you choose to not use a keyboard, you can still enter notes into your score. The only extra thing you must do is manually change the noteheads and staff placements so they reflect the assignments defined in the mapping diagrams.

NOTE: If you choose to use this method, please refer to the mapping diagrams in this document to ensure you're assigning the proper noteheads to each note to achieve the expected sound.

The main thing to do is to make sure to match the diagrams for the sounds you want. As far as speed and proficiency with this method - and a little practice, you may be surprised with what you can do with a copy and paste system.
You can also use the on-screen keyboard by going to Window>Keyboard or option+command+B.  You can click on the note or use your computer keyboard as a piano keyboard by pressing the QWERTY Input toggle button.

Gabriel Cobas
Author of Mastering Sibelius 6
You guys are awesome!!!!

I'm not sure what I was thinking.  I actually think I knew that there was a Keyboard window in Sibelius 6.  I figured out how to use my laptop keyboard to input the notes via the virtual midi keyboard window.  This will help when needing to get some writing done on a plane!

Thanks guy!!!

I'm away from my pc which has Finale installed, so I cannot validate right now---but does anyone remember/know if Finale has a keyboard window/view that can be used?
Unfortunately, Finale does not have the same type of keyboard view option that Sibelius has.  I was hoping that would be included with 2012 but no luck. 
Thanks Todd.

Yes, I also meant to check back in and post that I had looked a bit further into this and found no keyboard view window for Finale.

I really like the nanoKEY2, since it seems very small and suitable for travel, but at the low price point seems like a good option. Also, Jim's video review is great!

Has anyone spent any time with this device?

- DJ
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