VDL 2.5.2 FIN11 layouts, styles & expressions

Hi, hope someone can help.

I recently purchased VDL 2.5.2 and the Finale templates package.
I'm running a Mac Pro w/ 6gb of ram
Snow Leopard 10.6.6
Finale 2011c.r1
w/ Kontakt 2.2.4 running as a plug-in.

My concern is that my percussion layout, staff styles and text expression files that go into my libraries folder are not showing up with finale icons, but as a Unix Executable File with a terminal icon. So, these functions are not working properly.
Everything else seems to work fine.

In the Library open file dialog, change the file type from Finale Library to All Files.
Where's that dialogue?
You should also be able to make this change through the Get Info box (CMD-i) and change the open with application to Finale 2011. Also, just to verify, did you copy over the Mac version of these files? This should not make a difference because the Mac versions do not need the .lib extension, the Windows version does however.
Tried the ";Get Info"; solution. Nothing yet, restarted Finale still nothing. Should I re-boot?
Restarting Finale should be enough. Make certain that the files have also been copied correctly in both HD/Library/ApplicationSupport/MakeMusic and user/Library/ApplicationSupport/MakeMusic
In the library folder of make music for both HD and user. Mac files being used. Still no go!
If I open a VDL template (ie. Outdoor) I get the percussion layouts.
Should I rebuild my marching band ensemble?
Rebuilding would be one option. The reason you see the additional support files when opening a VDL template is because those files have already been incorporated into the template. If you choose to rebuild your marching band ensemble, begin with an existing VDL template and add the winds and brass to that score. In this way you will be able to include the support files without needed to add the libraries, map the percussion staves, etc.
I'm gonna try it that way. But it's a shame that I can't just do it the way the software is designed to.
At this point I'm wondering if the wrong files were in the package.
If by 'as the software was designed' you mean using the setup wizard, the support files included with the templates weren't created for that purpose. They are there primarily to assist in taking existing Finale files and adding staves for percussion. You would still need to load the libraries, the support files. The  text files for instrument and ensemble definitions etc. aren't included because there are still issues with Finale and percussion. Currently all percussion is installed on MIDI channel 10. The result would be the need for at least 4 instances of the Kontakt Player, one for each battery instrument. THe alternative would be to then go in and change the instrument list , etc.
I understand about the set up wizard and the fact that no .txt files were created for VDL. I just want the layout to appear in the staff attributes percussion area. If I'm in the middle of an arrangement and want to add another VDL staff with the proper layouts, I can't. Without rebuilding my entire band off of a VDL template.
I also understand what you're asking to occur. The original files sent to Tapspace where Finale files, not unix files. Know that I am seeing similar results from files downloaded through MakeMusic for the COMB library. You aren't the first person to report this but I don't have an explanation as to why it is happening, even on the very limited basis that it is occurring.
Sorry, I just got a little frustrated. VDL is a great piece of software and I'd love to see it integrate as seamlessly as possible.
No problems. I'll look into the issue further.
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