Cannot See VDL 6a sound set HELP!

Purchased the Sibelius 6 template. Followed the readme very carefully. Placed the VDL_SoundSet_6.0a.xml file in the proper location for MAC:
Here is the exact location on my computer -users/jeff/library/application support/Sibelius Software/Sibelius 6 First/Sounds. Restarted Sibelius, opened the VDL_Template_6.0a.sib.
When I go to playback devices I can create a new configuration, and activate Kontakt Player 3 no problem. In the Active Devices window, when I try to choose a sound set for Kontakt, my only options are ";(none)"; or ";Virtual Drumline 2.5";. The VDL soundset is not available. I checked all over the internet trying to resolve this, and have been working to get this to work for close to seven hours, but to no avail. There is only one user (jeff) on this mac, and I checked a dozen times - the file is where it should be.
As for Kontakt and VDL, they work fine in standalone mode, and even when launched from the playback devices window by clicking on ";show";. Upgraded to the most recent VDL Library v2.5.2. I went through this once before a few months ago and never resolved it. Should we create a new user and reinstall? I have no other ideas. Spent a lot of money on VDL and Sibelius, but have had nothing but frustration. Screen shot shows path - just for confirmation - I hope I missed something...
MAC 2.16 Intel Core 2 Duo
MAC OS X 10.6.6
Sibelius 6 First

I am on Windows, so I am not sure about your Mac folder locations, but if you upgrade to VDL 2.5.1 or 2.5.2 there is no difference in the Kontakt player. In other words, you dont get a library for each version. The only difference is in version 2.5.2, the first (top) entry in the instrument list indicates that it is version 2.5.2. This is just for information purposes and is not an instrument that can be chosen. I hope this helps.
You're going to run into problems with VDL and the VDL Template when trying to use Sibelius 6 First. Read the following thread for more:

Really? I looked that up prior to purchasing Sibelius First (version 6). Here is the specific wording from one of the bullet points on the Sibelius site about the ";new features"; in Sibelius 6 First; ";Use VSTand Audio Units virtual instruments and effects";. If Kontakt is unavailable as a selectable instrument, wouldn't that statement be completely wrong?
(As a reminder, Kontakt shows up in playback devices, and I can activate it; I just cannot assign the VDL Soundset, which I assumed is the reason I cannot see it under ";Create Instrument";. I may be missing something, but if one cannot create an instrument on the score, the fact that it is activated means nothing - you cannot use it)
I am aware that Sibelius 5 First was not VST and/or AU compatible, but the statement, ";Use VSTand Audio Units virtual instruments and effects"; is listed on their site specifically as a reason to upgrade from 5.
I have never been so frustrated with something that should be a simple installation.
Thanks for trying to help. I will call Sibelius. Because of this issue with Sibelius, VDL has been a worthless investment for me so far.
One thing that is missing is that the various sounds available in VDL must be mapped or assigned to function correctly. It is this customization which makes VDL different from other VST/AU instruments.
Hi Warren. Thank you for your effort in trying to answer my question. I fully understand the distinction between instrument libraries and the actual VST or AU instrument. In fact I use Kontakt quite often in digital audio & midi sequencing programs on both platforms, and have never had an issue. My problem is not being able to find any way to use Kontakt (and therefore its library - in this case VDL) from within Sibelius First 6 despite the company's claim that it supports VST and AU virtual instruments. My assumption from what I had read in the 100's of forum messages concerning VDL and Sibelius was that I needed the template. (I actually bought it twice)
In any case, I do appreciate the fact that you took the time to try to help me. Unfortunately I remain in a fix on this.
Dave - sorry to hear about the confusion here. It can be a little confusing the way different VIs are implemented.

While technically, Sibelius First may be able to host VST and AU plugins, speaking strictly from the standpoint of using Virtual Drumline for notation and playback the limitation is a bit more involved than that. Mainly, to get VDL sounds to play as desired while also displaying notes on the staff in a way that looks like standard percussion notation, there's a little more going on on the back end. Often, this is referred to as ";percussion mapping"; which introduces a bit more complicated way for notation programs to output the desired results (notation display and audio output) than if it were simply notating music for a pitched instrument like a violin or piano.

Anyway, both Sibelius and Finale have their ways of managing this percussion mapping, both of which require a set of rules that are defined for the specific instrument (i.e. snareline) within a specific library (i.e. Virtual Drumline) by way of a specific playback device (i.e. Kontakt Player). The Sibelius and Finale templates have been designed to utilize the mapping functionality within their respective programs. Due to the limitations of Sibelius First (or Finale Notepad for example), the VDL templates that Tapspace has sold are really only intended for their parent programs.

We have a brief FAQ about Sibelius First and its diminished compatibility with VDL [url=]here[/url]. If you're still inquiring with them about your options, they may be able to offer you some better pricing on the full version of Sibelius if you're an educator or a student, or if you're a registered user a competitive product (Finale, Encore, Mosaic).

I can hear your frustration, but I encourage you to hang in there if you're really interested in using VDL within a notation program. For a lot of people, it can be a pretty cool way to work. If you've given up, please let me know if I can arrange for some sort of refund for the template you won't be using.
Hey, thanks for trying to help. I spent over an hour on the phone with Sibelius Tech Support (Had to pretend my problem was with registration in order to actually find a person). Fortunately, the guy who got stuck with me was a good guy. Unfortunately, I'm no closer to a solution. He consulted with other techies who run VST and AU instruments all the time with Sibelius First. I tried to explain your info about not having the ability to do the necessary percussion mapping. Their response was that this should not be an issue with Sib First version 6.2. Their reasoning is that one can do manual mapping... They pointed me to an update from 6.1.X to 6.2 and they said it might fix the issue. Installed the update, but it did not help.
I am now downloading the full version 6, simply to see if it solves the problem. I cannot justify spending the additional money as this fiasco has cost way too much in both time and money, but at least I will be able to instruct the company (Sibelius) that their product does not work with VDL.
I am hopeful that others will find my correspondence here so they will very easily see that Virtual Drum Line is not functional in Sibelius 6 First and Sibelius 6 student. There may have been some forum entries which touched on this subject (very ambiguously), but they were not readily findable.
So here is the conclusion that certainly Tap Space  should very clearly announce up front to any prospective buyers the following
";Virtual Drumline does not work with Sibelius 6 First nor does VDL work with Sibelius 6 Student";, despite the fact that both programs do support VST and AU virtual instruments. That's the simple fact that was not easily found in my exhaustive search of the various FAQ's and Forums. Hopefully, I can save some other person's time and frustration with this elusive, poorly documented fact.
As for the offer to refund the $10.00 Template cost, I appreciate it - sincerely, I do; but realistically, if I cannot come up with an acceptable solution, I will be looking for a refund for VDL as it is of no value to me simply as a stand alone product. I am so fed-up, but I do, however, appreciate the help of those here who pointed me in the right direction.
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