VDL 2.5 Crashing Computer!!!!! HELP QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently had my old Dell Dimension 4600 restored and upgraded the Ram to 4gb.  Everything on the machine is working great except when I loaded Virtual Drum Line 2.5 on it last night, it crashed my computer 4 times when I would try to open the program on its own.  This blue screen popped up and said there was probably a bios issue.  I listed the stop code that is showed below:

Stop: 0x0000008E (OxC0000005, 0xB95D7F24, 0xAE2F7900, 0x00000000)
It said to start in safe mode, change the setting so there was no conflict.

Is there an easy fix to this that someone could guide me through? I don't want to try to do this myself and then screw up the other settings. I am proficient on the computer but not that knowledgeable when it comes to hardware settings and things like that.  I have a tendency to screw those things up on my own when I am messing around with settings!!

Computer Specs: Dell Dimension 4600
    *Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.80 GHZ
    *Processor 2.73 GHZ
    *4 gigs of Ram
    * 74.4 GB Memory
    * Video: Plug and Play NVIDIA Geoforce FX 5200
    * Audio: Creative SB Live Series (WDM)
    * Samsung CD-R/RW SW-248F
    * HL-DTST DVD-Rom GDR 8162B

Hello belskis. Welcome to the forum. One exclamation mark should be plenty. :)

The first thing I would suggest is uninstalling the software, then reinstalling it. If you upgraded the hardware, it's possible that you'll need to reactivate it using the Native Instruments Service Center.

I sent you a PM in case further steps are needed.
Thanks for the fast response Jim.  I'll calm down on the exclamations :)

Anyways, I had uninstalled and reinstalled a few times to no avail.  I submitted a ticket with a photo of the error message as you suggested in the PM so hopeful it can be resolved soon.

VDL is the literally the last piece of software that I have to get running properly on this machine and was the main reason for formatting and updating the RAM.  So I am a bit anxious to get back to some composing with this software.

Thanks again!
Update on this situation:

So Jim sent me a few directions to fix this. After spending another few hours on the internet looking into trying to fix the bad pool caller, I didn't think this was the problem since the machine was running flawlessly with its new RAM except for when Kontakt was opened in standalone mode. I also did not want to run registry fix software (which were many of the suggestion online) which are notorious for spy-ware and ad-ware (which is why I had to reformat and update this machine to begin with)! Plus I didn't feel like dropping another 30 to 40 bucks to have it screw up my machine.  So I took Jim's other suggestion which was to contact Kontakt directly.

After waiting a few days I received a response.  They told me that they usually don't trouble shoot for 3rd party bundled software but he told me it was either the RAM (see thoughts above) or a conflict with the sound card.  So with his instruction I disabled the soundcard, restarted, opened Kontakt, and viola, it works!! It was in conflict with my 10+ year old Creative Live! WDM card. 

Now the concern was that Kontakt and Finale (which took a little bit more setup with dumping those 3 missing files, etc...) were working but no sound because my sound card was disabled.  So after being frustrated looking for drivers I decided to just enable the driver again, restart and see if Kontakt would crash it like it used to.

To my surprise it didn't crash and is now working fine (sound and all)! I am going to assume that Kontakt needed to load first, then when the card was re-enabled it found a different direction to travel so now they are working together instead of running into each other.

Now if this changed and my computer explodes in the next few days I will let you all know.  Hope this helps someone down the road.  This forum has been great in the past and is why this is my first post since someone else usually has had the same questions as I! 

Thanks again Jim for taking the time out. Great job with all of the VDL stuff. Being a Finale user since the days of 3.1 in 1994, I really dig the sound quality and detail of this program! If only it was a little easier to use but it is good that I am learning something new every day that I use it! 

Great to hear you're back on track, Mike. Now that you mention this, it makes me wonder if that soundcard driver is older, and if maybe updating it would have fixed things earlier on. Regardless, maybe it's best to leave well enough alone after the time you've spent troubleshooting this. :)

Thanks for reporting back with your process for fixing the problem. I'm sure others may benefit from it!
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