Kontakt 4 and VD Volume Control

Hey Guys,

I just recently purchased Kontakt Komplete 7, and haven't had a lot of time to do any deep research to try and resolve this seemingly simple problem I am facing.  Here is the problem:  Upon launching Sibelius 6.2, using VD and Kontakt4 (selected/activated in the playback options window) all of the instruments are playing back, but with extreme volume differences...and non of the music was put in or recorded with velocity sensitive midi.  The main group of instruments that are effected by this problem are the drumline (all voices) and marimbas.  Any suggestions or ideas on how to fix this issue?

Thanks for your help.

Ricky Morrow
Excellent! Glad to hear you're back in action.
Awesome!  Thanks so much Jim!  Problem fixed instantly! 

Hi Ricky,

The first thing I'd suggest is to ensure you've installed the VDL Library update to [url=https://www.tapspace.com/Downloads-Updates-p-2.html]version 2.5.2[/url].
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