Edited Perc Midi Map in Finale 2011, can't see the original anymore

In Finale 2011b I edited a percussion midi map (Concert Band Combo) and gave it a new name.  Now the new map is on the list of maps to choose from, but the original one is not there.  The original one also does not appear when I open a new document.  How can I get the original Concert Band Combo map back?

I have Finale 2011b, on a PC, Windows 7.  Thanks.
Turns out, when I thought I had created a new perc midi map, actually I had created a  'midi device,' figured out how to delete those I created and the original are restored, per your instructions.  THanks so much!  I'm leaving this up in case it helps someone else.
The Read ME file will tell you where to copy/paste the Rack/Combo/Vocals XML file. In doing so though, you'll replace the file currently there. To avoid losing the changes you did make, rename that XML file to something like Rack/Combo/Vocals2 so you can tell the difference.

Let us know if you still have questions or run into any other problems.
Yes I have the Finale templates saved on my PC (Windows 7).

I can get to Program Files/Tapspace/VDLFinale 11 Templates xtracopy/XML Files.  In the XML Files I can see the VDL RackCombos Vocals.  So do I copy and paste that somewhere?  Where do I paste that so I can access it from Finale?  (I hope I'm using the right terms.)

(I'm trying to get the original Concert Band Combo back as an option in Finale.)


Are you working from the VDL/Finale 2011 template? If so, you should have copied the files and saved them as a backup for this type of event.

Thanks for the answer, I still need help on exactly how to do that.  I have the VDL disc and it is installed on my computer.  How do I get the original Concert Band Combo back as one I can choose in Finale?  Can you give me step by step instructions?

I have Finale 2011b on Windows 7 on a PC. 
You need to go back to the original to get that one back. Did you get the maps from the downloadable templates? If so, the MIDI map should be there, unless you were silly and deleted it. If so, you can re-download it by signing onto the website download area.

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