Great tool for converting video to iPhone/iPad format

For anyone looking for a (name your format) video to ipod/ipad converter. Here is a free opensource one for PC/MAC!


Can't remember if I found this here or elsewhere but thought I would share.
Handbrake rules!
I prefer to have the VLC player app installed, which can play more video formats, and then I don't need to encode anything for iPad/iPhone.
I'm with J. Mattson on this one.  VLC saves you all of the troubles of encoding, plus it reads nearly every video has at least played ALL of the video formats I have tried thus far.  It is a very intuitive program, too! 
I'm was actually referring to converting the files so that you can import them to iTunes and play them on your device. . . Not on your laptop/Desktop. I love me some VLC too. I looked for a VLC app in the app store after reading your post and found some cool remote control and streaming apps though. . .  :-) 
That's what I'm talking about- playing on iPad/iPhone, not on laptop/desktop.  There's a VLC app for that.  No need to encode anything.  It looks like it was pulled from the app store- but here's a link to the actual .app file:
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