Concert Band Combo's Percussion MIDI Map and Percussion Layout don't match

Should I be able to use the Finale Percussion Layout for Concert Band Combo and get every sound in the Concert Band Combo's Percussion MIDI Map? 

Now when I setup the Concert Band Combo's Percussion MIDI Map and Percussion Layout, I don't get all the sounds that I can see (and play on my midi keyboard) in Concert Band Combo in the Kontakt Player. 

Is something wrong, or did they not include all the sounds in the Percussion Layout that is called Concert Band Combo?  Thanks!

When you say 'Finale Percussion Layout' are you referring to the VDL mapping in the templates or the generic Finale map? Both of these would be found via the Staff Tool>Staff Attributes>Notation>Percussion.
I mean the VDL templates in Percussion Layout.  When I load the Concert BAnd Combo into Kontakt PLayer, then go thru Staff attributes and choose the VDL Concert BAnd Combo Perc Layout, when I go to Speedy Entry to enter the notes, that Perc Layout doesn't have all the notes that are in the Kontakt PLayer (and are on the Keymap.)

So is the VDL Perc Layout intentionally incomplete?
Ok. You also need to select the Percussion Map in the Instrument List for that staff.
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