More "KontaktPlayer2: File not Found. Please check library..." questions.

Okay y'all.
I have read and done everything on the ";HELP! Kontakt and VDL Library error"; forum thread (including the attached FAQ link from Jim), but I'm still getting the ";KontaktPlayer2: File not found.  Please check if library was installed correctly"; message whenever I open a new file based off the 6.0a template.
I have:
-reimported all the .nkx files into the VDL2.5 folder in my applications.
-confirmed the path within KontaktPlayer2 (in the info window at the bottom).
Any Ideas?
Just so you know, I AM showing ";VDLsoundset6.0a"; under ";soundsets"; in ";active devices"; within my ";playback devices"; dialog box.  Not sure if this matters or not but just for shlitz and giggles.
Seriously, I'm a total newbie to VDL, so it's probably something obvious.
Appreciate your help in advance and thanks!
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